Commercial HVAC Services
in North Dallas

Infinity Air & Electric Services understands the importance of a comfortable and conducive working environment, regardless of the season. We are committed to ensuring your business remains warm during winter and cool in summer, fostering productivity and comfort for both your employees and clients.

Our commercial HVAC services encompass the repair, maintenance, and installation of top-quality air conditioning and heating systems. As an independent American Standard dealer, we provide industry-leading products to serve your business’s needs.

Light Commercial AC Repair

One of our skilled technicians attending to a commercial HVAC unit

Swift and efficient HVAC repair services are crucial to your business’s daily operation. An unexpected air conditioner malfunction during the brutal Texas summer could lead to significant losses and inconveniences.

The skilled technicians at Infinity Air & Electric Services are dedicated to providing quick responses and practical solutions to any HVAC system issues you encounter. We aim to minimize downtime and ensure your business activities continue unimpeded.

From diagnosing complex issues to executing comprehensive system overhauls, we have the expertise to restore your HVAC system to optimal condition in no time.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

One of our top priorities is the health of your employees and customers. We offer an indoor air quality assessment that can help identify potential air contaminants or pollutants within your premises. Once we establish the dangers, we can rectify these issues and maintain a safe, comfortable, and healthy indoor environment.

We also conduct thorough energy audits to assess your system’s energy consumption and recommend strategies to enhance its efficiency. This approach not only lowers operational costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

HVAC Preventive Maintenance

The longevity and efficiency of your heating and cooling system significantly depend on the quality of its upkeep. Infinity Air & Electric Services advocates for regular preventive maintenance on commercial HVAC systems to avoid large-scale disasters down the road.

We typically schedule preventive maintenance twice a year, aligning with the transitional periods of spring and fall. These regular check-ups enable us to identify and rectify minor issues before they escalate, which helps to extend the system’s lifespan, enhance its efficiency, and ultimately reduce your energy costs.

Our comprehensive preventive maintenance program involves various essential tasks. We replace filters to promote unrestricted airflow, thoroughly clean ducts to eliminate accumulated dust and debris, and check refrigerant levels to ensure your system is cooling effectively. Additionally, we thoroughly inspect your HVAC system, including its mechanical and electrical components, for potential issues that could lead to system failure if left unaddressed.

At Infinity Air & Electric Services, our commitment is to ensure that your commercial HVAC system runs smoothly and reliably all year round, supporting your business’s operational success.

  • A recently maintained and repaired AC unit
  • Maintaining your AC and air handler can save you money on AC repairs

Replacement & Installation

Every business is unique, with varying heating and cooling requirements based on factors such as the size and layout of the premises, occupancy levels, and the nature of business operations. That means a successful HVAC installation begins with a detailed understanding of your specific needs.

Before embarking on any installation project, our skilled team thoroughly assesses all of these needs and then tailors a solution precisely to your specifications.

Selection of the most suitable HVAC system is integral to this process. Leveraging our expertise and partnership with industry-leading brands such as American Standard, we guide you in choosing an energy-efficient system that aligns with your business requirements and budget.

Don’t be swayed by “big guys” with hefty advertising budgets. Choose Infinity Air & Electric Services, and we’ll help you identify the best products for your specific needs, ensuring you get value for your money.

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