Indoor Air Quality

Infinity Air & Electric Services understands that you want your home to be a safe place for your family. One of the biggest dangers in your home goes largely unnoticed… and that is the quality of your indoor air.

Every day, you and your family breathe in countless amounts of dust particles, bacteria, fumes, and smoke. Not to mention more recent dangers, such as Covid-19 and other airborne sicknesses.

We want to help! Our recommendation is a complete indoor air quality survey to see just how big of a problem you have… and based on those results, we can determine what can be done to remedy it.

Air Purification System

Our favorite air purification system is the Fresh-Aire UV system. This innovative indoor air quality product has helped thousands of people just like you breathe cleaner air.

All indoor air is polluted with particulates, germs, and odors. If you’re like most people, you appreciate cleaner, fresher air. We can make that a reality for your home.

Scientific studies show that 35% of the pollution in your air is ordinary dust and particulates that are generally treated by standard filtration (the HVAC air filters you change once a month.)

34% of the pollution is mold and germs, which are too small to be caught by the filter. You can treat these contaminants with UV lights installed in your system.

The remaining 31% of pollution is made up of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odor, which largely go untreated in most homes. These can be very harmful, even toxic, to your family members.

Our solution is the Fresh-Aire UV APCO system, which combines UV-C light with activated carbon cells. This Photocatalytic Oxidation process destroys VOCs, odors, and most mold and germs.

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